3 Surefire Ways To Make Your Pool Stand Out

3 Surefire Ways To Make Your Pool Stand Out

Sadly, winter is here to stay for a bit. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for summer. Start buying summer clothes to get yourself ready for the season. Also, you can start thinking about the ways to make your pool stand out this upcoming summer. Your house will be the hit of the neighborhood if you follow this advice.

Install a Water Feature

It’s true that just having any swimming pool is a luxury. However, you can do a few unique things to make your pool different from others if you want to take the extra step. For example, you can install a fabulous water feature to add interest. Consider putting a waterfall underneath some rocks! The kids will have a blast floating underneath it, and it can be a romantic spot for the parents at night.

Glass Tiles

Almost every pool in your neighborhood will have porcelain tiles. Pool contractors often choose porcelain because it’s easy to clean. However, after some time, the color can fade. Glass tiles, on the other hand, are much more durable. These will last years and can handle a little wear and tear from the kiddos. Another reason to use glass tile waterlines in your pool design is that the tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can customize the pool to your liking and make it unlike anything else in town.

Water Slide

Another way to make your pool stand out is to add a water slide. Yes, the kids will obviously enjoy this. However, try to think about the bigger picture. The children will have a blast, and they’ll be creating lifelong memories with friends. You can also invite kids from all over the area to use it, too. Plus, the adults will enjoy it as well.

These are three surefire ways to make your pool stand out. Putting a little extra effort into your pool’s design will help your family create lasting memories. If that doesn’t convince you, then consider the resale value. Another family may love the pool down the road.

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