12 New and Notable Android Apps

Android Apps

It can sometimes be very difficult to find the greatest Android apps. Whether you want to get more use out of your current Android phone or want to fill up a new one, the one proper app is much needed. However, there are so many apps available to choose from that it becomes difficult to decide which ones to use. We’ve been using the Google Store to find the greatest Android software for a long time, putting it through its paces to ensure that it’s worth the download. And we’ve discovered some fantastic apps in a variety of genres, including photo editors, camera apps, COVID-19 tracker, Keyboard, health and fitness apps, and a few titles that will help keep your Android device more secure. However, they’ve all been photographed. Our specialists hand-picked each one, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a good one for your phone.


Dropbox is still the finest program for synchronizing files from and to your mobile devices. Dropbox lets you automatically back up your photographs and videos to the cloud, keep track of crucial PDFs, and create notes that sync back to your laptop. The free Dropbox plan, on the other hand, only provides 2GB of storage. Premium options, which start at $10 per month for 1TB of storage, are available if you need more.


Staying hydrated is essential for optimum health, particularly during the summer when you’re more prone to sweat. Glugs can help you make sure you’re getting enough water every day. This useful tool has a straightforward layout that encourages you to keep track of how many milliliters of fluids you drink each day and at what times. It also has a nag-free notification system that only sends you the notifications you need to keep on track. Finally, Glug is available for download for free on Android.


Plex is a service that allows you to stream your media files to your device. Plex makes streaming music, movies, TV episodes, photographs, and more from your computer to your Android smartphone simple. Finally, you’ll need a fast internet connection to avoid excessive buffering.


FUNetix is a children’s reading and literacy software. There are 40 courses in total, each with fully narrated animations. The goal is to keep your children entertained while they learn how to pronounce and read words. It demonstrates all 44 sounds of the English language to children before instructing them on how to pronounce words. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a cool little system. The mini games are fun; however, they weren’t created for me because I’m not a kid. There are no advertising or in-app purchases in this app.


KineMaster is one of Android’s most capable video editors, but it’s also user-friendly enough that anyone can use it. You can use the software to apply audio and visual filters to footage, add text, stickers, and other overlays, edit and trim videos frame by frame, adjust the speed, and add transition effects, among other things. Videos can also be recorded directly from the KineMaster app. On a phone screen, it can feel a little cramped, but everything else works fine. The KineMaster Android app is free to use, but all of your films will have a KineMaster watermark, and you won’t be able to sell them.


Pocket makes it easier to get caught up on your reading. There’s never enough time to read all of those web articles. Pocket allows you to store articles from any browser, whether it’s on your PC, tablet, or phone, rather than leaving tabs to multiply. Then read these articles whenever you want on the Android app. You can even sync the goods, so they’ll be available while you’re not connected to the internet. Pocket also removes all advertising and other distractions from web pages, giving you a clean, easy-on-the-eyes reading experience.


You’ll find everything you need in an image editor here. There are a lot of picture editing applications for Android, but Snapseed is one of our favourites. It provides you access to almost every image-tweaking tool you can imagine, allowing you to handle everything from colour adjustments to object removal. You can spend hours fine-tuning the effects or simply slap on some filters in a matter of seconds. Despite the abundance of capabilities, Snapseed and its tools are simple to use. You may quickly share and export the findings once you’ve finished.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an image management and modification software program created by Adobe Inc. This program is now also available on cell phones, allowing users to edit images on the go. This program was designed to assist you to accomplish three things: organize your images, post-process them, and export them. Although it is mostly used for post-production and photo organizing, it has recently become popular among photographers for colour grading, colour correction, and adding a unique touch to images that no other software can match.

Bobble Keyboard

Bobble Keyboards has been developing Android apps since the year 2020. There are four apps in the current app portfolio, all of which are categorized as “Personalization.” Bangla Keyboard, Malayalam Keyboard, Marathi Keyboard, and Hindi Keyboard are all useful programs. This program combined all the apps into one place, and you can see the total number of apps, downloads, and ratings of Bobble Keyboards in the information boxes to the right.

Marathi Keyboard

In 2021, use the New-Age Bobble Marathi Keyboard App for the greatest Marathi typing experience. With fast Marathi typing and funny stickers, this is the greatest Marathi Keyboard for Android. You can convert your text to Marathi using this Marathi typing keyboard for Android by typing Marathi or utilizing it like an English to Marathi Keyboard Translator. For easy Marathi typing, the Marathi typing Keyboard also offers a voice-to-text option. With its sticker function, you may create amusing Marathi stickers. Free themes or custom themes with your photos can be used to personalize this Marathi keypad App. Use a free emoji keyboard to send emojis and emoticons. With the Bobblehead option, you can make custom WhatsApp stickers or stickers for other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by taking a selfie or using your favourite headshot. Create personalized stickers with these Bubbleheads by combining them into amusing sticker templates. Marathi Keyboard with everything you need Bobble Keyboard is a keyboard that meets all your demands while also giving a variety of functions. To make typing fast, smooth, reliable, and never-ending joy, download Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers.

Bangla Keyboard

Bangla Keyboard by Bobble is the greatest Bengali Keyboard Online for Android, with fast Bengali typing and amusing stickers that can be used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Bobble’s Bengali Keyboard is the best Bengali input tool; you can easily convert your text to Bengali by typing in Bengali or utilizing the English to Bengali Translator. You can also utilize the voice to text feature to type Bangla more quickly. You can create the best unique WhatsApp stickers with the option of creating bespoke stickers. The Bangla Keyboard by Bobble features a colourful collection of stickers and GIFs. With Bobble’s Bengali Keyboard, you may explore new free themes or design your unique theme using your photo. While chatting, use the emoji keyboard to send emojis/emoticons. To make typing fast, smooth, dependable, and never-ending fun, download Bobble’s Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers.

Share Karo

With popular Android apps, it’s not just about social networks and games. The first non-Google productivity app to make the list is Share Karo. The program allows users to quickly transfer huge files between devices. It’s nearly 200 times faster than Bluetooth, according to the developer. Install the Share Karo app to experience a quicker sharing rhythm.

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